Livin' The Posh Life Playlist and Episode #1

Poshmark 101 Overview

Thanks for stopping by to learn about Poshmark, a great way to earn extra income. With the help of Ashley @millennial.mouse, we’ve compiled 10 free podcast episodes to get you started selling stuff from your closet, and a comprehensive course on how to create your Poshmark side-hustle. Our objective is to provide you with a comprehensive overview of how to sell on Poshmark.

  • 10 Poshmark YouTube/Podcast Episodes

  • Comprehensive Poshmark Course Here

Podcast & Blog Episode Playlist

(All Podcasts Are Available in Video Format on Youtube here)

  • Episode 1: What is Poshmark? Can I Really Make Money Selling Clothing Online?

  • Episode 2: 5 Tips Before You Start a Closet & How Do Poshmark Fees Work (Coming Soon)

  • Episode 3: Side Hustle, Part-Time or Full-Time Poshmark Seller? How much can I make? (Coming Soon)

  • Episode 4: Selecting a Business Strategy & Model for Poshmark (Coming Soon)

  • Episode 5: Where Do I Find Things to Sell on Poshmark? (Coming Soon)

  • Episode 6: How to Photograph Items for Poshmark? (Mannequin, Flat-Lay or Hanging) (Coming Soon)

  • Episode 7: How to List Items on Poshmark Quickly and Accurately (Coming Soon)

  • Episode 8: Do I really have to share my items on Poshmark? (Coming Soon)

  • Episode 9: How to package items for shipment on Poshmark? (Coming Soon)

  • Episode 10: How do I get paid on Poshmark? What's this 3 Day Holding Period? (Coming Soon)

  • Episode 11: How do I ship items on Poshmark? (Coming Soon)

  • Episode 12: How to Handle Customer Service, Best Offers and Low-Balls? (Coming Soon)

  • Episode 13: Understanding Bundles, Offer to Likers, Special Features (Coming Soon)

  • Episode 14: Top 10 Poshmark Mistakes (Coming Soon)

  • Episode 15: Top 10 Ways to Boost Poshmark Sales (Coming Soon)

  • Episode 16: Daily Refinement 40 Hour Full-Time Method to Make $1k a week/Net (Coming Soon)


Livin' The Posh Life Podcast E01 

Livin' the Posh Life: Episode #1: What is Poshmark? Can I really make money on Poshmark? 

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You can earn a great profit as a side hustle, part time or full time reseller. 
My name is Chris, and I earn more than $1k+ a week profit on Poshmark.
Poshmark is a platform where social media meets e-commerce. 
Try Poshmark and use code @dailyrefinement and get $5 for trying the app. 




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